About Sally

Hi I am Sally, a bit of a hippy, a yoga teacher, jewellery obsessed mum of 2. 

My bohemian jewellery collection was born out of my life long love of relaxed, stacked and layered eclectic jewellery.

I have always worn more than one bracelet or necklace from being a small girl. As an adult my children would tell me that they knew where I was in the house as my jingling bracelets gave me away. 

As a family we spent wonderfully happy holidays every year on the Balearic Islands and this is where my love of relaxed beautiful layered boho jewellery became an obsession. As anyone that has visited the islands will tell you, the energy, the people, the hippy markets and the relaxed fashion vibe is like nowhere else on earth.

My inspiration for my designs comes from the beautiful energy of these very special Mediterranean islands, from my journey as a yoga teacher and the ancient yogic philosophies, from the beauty and healing properties of semi precious gemstones and crystals many of which I add to my jewellery designs. 

My jewellery collection has been designed to uplift you and bring you joy with a relaxed energy and vibe, wear them stacked together and let them jingle on your wrist, each bracelet carries a message of hope, protection, love, spirituality and positivity. 

With My Love

Sally x